Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying the website. I suppose after years of hiding from an online presence as a writer I'm finally trying to embrace it. It's not a natural thing for me to do … but it strikes me that it's just another way of standing up and singing I suppose. And it seems I have been doing that since I was a kid in church reciting memory verses. So I'm going to imagine you are all in Papatoetoe Seventh-Day-Adventist church. Then I'm going to get myself up on wobbly legs and yak to you about any projects I'm working on at the moment … or about anything at all related to reading or writing that has caught my interest lately. I hope you enjoy the craic. And best wishes to everyone  

-  Glenn

January 29, 2020

Oh man, I’m useless! I promised to keep this yarn up to date and then did the opposite!! I promise I’m trying but ... well, clearly not very hard ...  ... buuuut ... it’s a new year! So I thought I’d fess up and see how things go. And to get the ball rolling again I wa...

February 12, 2019


Sorry for the long delay between the last update and this one … I don’t really have any excuse except that I’ve just kept procrastinating!  After getting back from a trip to the US and Mexico in the middle of 2018 I have to say one of the most amazing experience...

October 4, 2018

I had a chance in July this year to read with Raphael Campo (another doctor-poet) at Longfellow House in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was a real privilege to be honest. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow lived there for many years and for a time it was George Washington’s head...

July 3, 2018

Over the last six weeks or so I’ve been working through the collection of poems I have been writing to the young people at our youth health clinic in Horowhenua. It seems I’ve ended up with quite a few of them now. I suppose I’ve been sanding them and trying to turn th...

May 15, 2018

As I said on a previous blog, a few years ago I started exploring oral poetic forms in New Zealand. That ended up being a bit of a wild and crazy journey … and led me to a whole new appreciation of the role of oral poetry in helping to shape written poetry. I played ar...

April 28, 2018

Just thought I’d put up something here on the new fence I’ve been working on. I know it’s not about writing … but then again it sort of is in a way. A few months ago I decided my house needed painting. My fence was rotten as well so I decided to do some decorating. 


March 23, 2018

Sorry for the delay posting on the site … I’ve been running around at the beginning of the new year getting back into the swing of our small and beautiful youth clinic. I am so lucky to work there with those magnificent young people. 

I’m also helping out this year teac...

December 14, 2017

Sooo … I thought I might put some new work out into space via the site now it’s up and running. For years now I’ve been working on two big collections of oral poems. My interest was initially sparked by being drawn to Māori oral poetry. I began writing a collection of...

October 14, 2017

At the moment I'm working on a collection of poems written to the young people I see at the youth health clinic I work in. I love my job, mainly because I get the time I need to be the doctor I was trained to be. And because I love the young people I see. They come in...

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April 28, 2018

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