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A new book on the way and an Instagram account!

Hi everyone ... I just wanted to say hello again after a bit of a break. I’ve had my head down for a while now but I finally have a brand new children’s picture book to show for it. It’s on the way from the printers and is called The Small Girl Who Lives Next Door. It’s a story I wrote about a young Pākehā boy going on a journey to learn Te Reo Māori after talking to his neighbour - the small girl who lives next door. It’s beautifully illustrated by Rautini O’Brien and I’m hoping it’ll be here in a couple of months time. I’ll let you know once it arrives.

It was also great to be at the Auckland Writers Festival last weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a large collection of New Zealand writers in any one place before. I was talking there with Linda Collins about her book Loss Adjustment. She was brave and brilliant and it was really moving to share the stage with her.

And just to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks I’ve recently joined Instagram … … From time to time I’ll be posting some nursery rhymes and lullabies there. I’ve always wanted to write a book of poetry for children. Each one is about a different New Zealand animal. But I’m trying to avoid the glamorous ones like the kiwi and tūī and stick to the ones that get less limelight ... like the long finned eel and the mudfish ... You can check them out on my Instagram account at

All the best to everyone out there.

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