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'Letters To Young People' has finally arrived!

Woohoo! Well I’m really happy to say that Letters to Young People is finally here. And for anyone who wants to buy a copy it’s gone up on the website bookshop today. I suppose it’s one thing to write a book of poems but it’s been quite a different journey to then help make the book those poems sit in. I feel like I’ve been in the shed making a piece of furniture. And I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. 

So lots of thanks to the team who helped me, including Lynn Jenner, who edited the poems, and Lynn Peck for her design and layout. A big thanks also to Barbara Nielsen from Asia Pacific Offset who helped walk me through the myriad decisions that I needed to make. And to Amey Bell-Booth who keeps the website up to date for me. 

Thanks too to all the young people who have been part of my life at the Horowhenua Youth Health Service (HYHS) for the last nine years. I am a very lucky doctor to have walked beside you guys for the time I have. My best wishes always to each of you.

Cheers, Glenn.

P.S. Click here to buy your own copy from the Book Store

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