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Launching 'Letters to Young People'

Thanks everyone for a whirlwind last couple of months since Letters to Young People hit the ground. I’ve been kept flat-out over that time as a store-man and dispatch worker sending them off to new homes all over the country … and to a few overseas as well. I can honestly say if you get a copy of the book sometime that I have worked on every stage in the development of that small pile of cardboard and paper in your hand. From catching the stories in it ... and setting them down … to helping give it shape as a piece of furniture ... to choosing it’s papers and fonts … ringing up bookshops … and then finally wrapping them in brown paper and popping them in the post or dropping them off to shops where I can. It has tapped into every bit of love and care in me in a way no other book has so far. And I like to hope that maybe you might be able to feel that

We’ve had a couple of launches as well … one at the clinic itself where the book was blessed … and the other at Unity Books in Wellington. You can see some of the photos and videos of those events on my Facebook page.

Best wishes to everyone out there … and I hope you all have a happy and safe Xmas and New Year …

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