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Introducing 'OldKing Press' and my first self-published book!

Hi everyone

Just an update to let everyone know my first book published under the OldKing Press label is just about here. As I’ve written earlier, over the last few years I’ve pretty much been writing and stockpiling a few different collections of poetry but Letters to Young People will be the first one that I’ve managed to turn into a book. So it’s kind of special for me. I’m expecting the advance copies this week sometime.

It’s a collection of poems written to some of the young people I work with at the Horowhenua Youth Health Service. The poems are mainly in the form of long extended letters … and you’ll find a couple of examples already up on the website. But there are a couple of mōteatea (Māori oral poems) and a spoken word piece as well. With that in mind I thought I’d put up the sung and recited versions of those on the website today as well. So people can hear what they sound like (if they are brave enough!)

Well ... what they sound like sung badly I suppose ...

I’ve attached the written versions too … for my sisters … and for all those who know not to listen ...

Forgive me for my shaky old beats ... in medicine we’re always taught, ‘Above all, do no harm’ ... but I’ve never heard that applied to poetry (although it wouldn’t be a bad idea). I’ll let you know once the book is out.

All the best out there is these strange times.

Best wishes, Glenn.

(Follow the link to the recordings and written versions)

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